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Monday, 25 June 2012

i just dont want to get involved with something that people called 'LOVE' !

      seriously .. 
aq dah tak nak ade kena mngena ngn cinta nih ..
it hurts ! yeah .. 
i cant even think about myself when i'm in LOVE ..
all this time i was wasting my time loving you 'n' hoping that you're gonna change !
but all you do is let me down again , again 'n' again !

u hurt me so much !
i dont want to cry because of you anymore .
i promise that this night is the last night that i cried because of you ..
if only you know how hurt i am right now :'(

i just wanna cry , cry and cry now ..
jage diri awk ..
sbb , mulai skrang sy da ta dpat na jge awk ..
sy ta lrat lg saket sbb awk ..
slamat malam awk ..
slmat tnggal ..
jngan sdey ..
awk sweet , baik ..
awk akn dpat pgganti sy yg lbey baik ..
ni untk kbaikan awk dan sy ..
sy pon kena start pkir psal dri sy ..
trima kasih da bhagiakan sy wlaupon skjap ..

thanks mohd yusof nor :)
i will always love you but i cant be with you ..

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